Rectifiers of Traction

These rectifiers are integrated into stations of rectification intended for the D.C. current supply of the trams, subways.
The rectification is carried out using a bridge of Graetz with one or more diodes in parallel according to the power required.

Levels of insulation:
8kV - 50 Hz 1 minute between auxiliary circuit and power circuits and mass
2,5kV - 50 Hz 1 minute between auxiliary circuits and mass

These rectifiers respect the European standards in force:
CEI 146-1-2-3
CEI 77
NFC 53220
NFF 16101

Tension of entry: 585V + 10% or 1175V + 10%
Output voltage: 750V or 1500V
Overload: Possible according to specifications of the customer
Held with short-circuit according to tension of short-circuit of the mains transformer
Cooling by natural convection
Operating temperature: 0° with 40° C
Temperature of storage: -25° with 70° C

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